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Hang bao gang, turn around

Time: 2018/3/5  Hits: 961
  The Spring Festival will come, in order to further deepen the "hang BaoBang, turn on" link at the grass-roots level and the masses, to ensure that the counterpart support difficulty village party members, the masses have a happier and warmth of the Spring Festival, on February 8, 2018, several companies such as pingyang county magistrate high rate we deeply counterpart support village chicken down town "hang BaoBang, turn on" and the Spring Festival. In chicken lie the party branch secretary, accompanied by a line of the working party, respectively, into the pairing of helping poor home face-to-face conversation, the field view the understanding situation, thorough understanding is funding and poor production and living conditions, this paper analyzes the reasons of poverty, clear direction to the next step of work to do a good job of pairing to assist. On the basis of visiting the villagers' production and living and understanding the situation of the village, the working group and the village, the group cadres and the masses of the people in poverty alleviation. High county also communication with the chicken lie town party branch secretary, gao county magistrate said: based on the principle of doing good, does the practical work, to accurately grasp the village resources advantage, choose the chosen project, scientific planning, in the future the hanging point of support, the more good ideas, a good way to think about, combined with the safety department of their own advantages, consolidate security infrastructure, advocating "development can have a future, a future to have a chance to into riches gradually" concept of development, for the villagers to seek a rich way, each work steadily and promote poverty alleviation tackling tough problems, through the township and village cadres, group, the joint efforts of the masses and cadres of the safety, implementation to help poor "out of poverty, income, pick hat, to the synchronous into a well-off society" in 2020 and the province's overall goal.
The sympathy activities extend condolences items such as silk, let difficulties of party members, the masses before the Spring Festival coming felt the warmth of the party and the government at all levels, to express the kindness of safety cadres, contributing to our county's poverty alleviation and development work has an own meager strength.
                                                                                                                                           Dong dong Lu

                                                                                                                                           March 5, 2018