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The first "Zhuo Ren Cup" cooking competition was s

Time: 2018/8/20  Hits: 1385
    In order to enrich the work and life of all partners, cultivate the ability of everyone to unite and cooperate, increase the level of tacit understanding among employees, and increase the exchanges between departments and enhance corporate cohesion. At 9:00 on August 5, 2018, the company's entire staff mobilized to gather at the Ryanlvjian Ecological Farm to carry out the first "Zhuo Ren Cup" cooking competition.
    With a frying pan and a fried spoon, the ingredients in the pot are skillfully fried. At first glance, there is a bit of a professional chef's appearance. The chicken is washed and chopped into a block of the same size as Mahjong. Then put ginger, garlic, pepper, and dried pepper on the chicken nugget and prepare to fry ... At the same time, the applause and laughter on the side are also mixed together. The entire atmosphere is lively and happy.

    A total of 40 teams participated in this competition, and the scene was lively. At the end of the competition time, the administrative department organizes judges sent by various departments and workshops to try and vote. After the vote was completed, the number of votes was completed under the supervision of the judges and the supervisors.    Eventually, the No. 5 team composed of the procurement department won the best delicious award, and the No. 2 team composed of the marketing department and the warehouse department No. 12 team won the best match. Award, The No. 15 team composed of the Quality Department, the No. 4 team composed of the personnel administration, and the No. 10 team composed of the technical department won the Best Creative Award.